Time – making, spending, & loosing it

I feel so inspired reading these blogs of my colleagues. I keep thinking about if I just had more time? I could write more and get in the game. Oh yeah, I am in the game. Maybe I’m in the wrong game? Or maybe it’s still first half?

OK, so lots of people talk about making more time? How do you they do it? I could just not do one of the majorly important projects that come across my screen? Like make technology do something someone dreamed up without consulting me before and already has promised it to dozens of people. I could just dedicate some of that time to blog time? No, probably that would not work out too well. -exhale-

So, how do we make time work? I unfortunately keep coming back to priorities and the need to decide what is less important. Honestly, I do not like this. In the back of my mind, I feel I am a really an unstructured go with it kind of person. I can work without and agenda and get it all done. Yet as this digital world evolves, I now seem to be this person with a schedule. When did that happen? And I’m the person running after others to say go slow and do not push the envelope. For over forty years, I was head of the envelop pushing department.

Maybe making time is a myth? Maybe less is more is the new reality that no one ever tells you has been here for years. It’s easy, you just have to choose to not do something. Or care less about something. Almost never do you hear, “hey, this stuff over here, do not worry about that many more.” It’s more like, “great job keeping those thirty balls in the air, now just keep these three more in the air and we are good.” Well, good for this week.

Let me tell you Cyberfaithful, it can get old fast if it hits you at the wrong time on the wrong day.