Does an elementary student need a laptop?

Ten years ago, laptops were our only choice. Now, teachers asked us why we use them instead of other devices? Based on dialog with teachers and school leaders, we created sandboxes where everyone could get in and play. Using iPad Pros & Apple Pencils, students and teachers took photos, sketched, marked-up worksheets, and wrote notes. We saw an increase in mobility and a rise in tactile learning. Students handled objects then photographed them. They jumped between pages, stretched text, manipulated objects, and drew Chinese characters. We found that the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil delivered more by design and intent than our MacBooks. If you are a flexible learner who is open to new ideas, please join us to learn why the change made sense for us. We will deliver a blueprint of how we changed the status quo. We promise to push comfort zones, go hands-on, and reflect on our areas for growth.

The above proposal will be presented at at an education related conference in 2019.

Five Reasons to Attend 21st Century Learning

Hello Cyberfaithful!

Before everyone walks, runs, or jets into their vacation, I just wanted to remind you that the The 21st Century Learning Conference will be held next month in January 2013 @ Renaissance College in the New Territories from the 24th to 26th.

Why should I attend you ask yourself? 

21st Century Learning (21CL) provides attendees with the opportunity to extend their own learning. From digital storytelling to visual literacy, you can dive in and explore, discover, and learn with local, regional, and international experts. Whether your interest is in the latest game based education, cyber safety & security, the future of the cloud, or just finding new tools to support inquiry, attendees can interact with data and information in a way that reading online articles, following Twitter feeds or commenting on blogs can not complete. OK, the five reasons…

Professional Networking

Sure, you can communicate via email, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, Voxer, or even Skype. Yet, to be sitting next to or around educators who already working on connecting learning with skills, students, and school can be empowering. You might be able to renew some old friendships. Or maybe you can make some new friends. Attendance at 21CL is a great way to surround yourself with like-minded people who can help you grow and nourish your own creative ideas and processes. Collaboration is contagious!

Leading Innovators are Headlining @ 21CL

We all have creative and interesting ideas. Yet, sometimes it helps to be around other leading innovators/experts. Dr. Larry Rosen, Nicole Pinkard, Ph.D., Dan Meyer, and Dr Jennifer Lane will all be headlining. You can hang out, hear what they have to say, weigh in on what you believe, and maybe even catch up with them socially. Make an effort to make a connection!

Extended Sessions

Friday the 25th is the day when you can listen, sample, work, and learn for three hours on the topic of your choosing. You can really dig in and explore the subject matter of something that interests you, e.g., Digital Storytelling, Teaching Visual Literacy, Becoming A Networked Educator, etc. Educators just like you run these extended sessions. They want to share and give back.  So, why not partake, ask questions, push boundaries, and challenge yourself. Learning is a great team sport!


I’ll just say it; going to conferences can be fun! The conference sponsors and vendors show of their latest wares. Sometimes, there are giveaways and/or prizes. Unfortunately, free t-shirts seem to an anomaly these days, yet usually you can find a free thumb drive or at least a free water bottle. And if you push yourself and join a hands session or flipped session might end up creating some “fun” content. Here’s short video I did for a Kim Cofino workshop back in 2010.

Convenient & Affordable

21CL is being held at Renaissance College in the New Territories. There’s no need to book accommodation, you can stay at home for free. The MTR goes directly to the conference venue; just get off at the Heng On Station on Ma On Shan Line. Think of all the money you will save on flights, all that airplane food you’ll miss, no immigration lines to wait in, and you won’t have to carry your passport with you each day. Registration starts at 400 USD for two action packed. If you register before the 21st of December, you can enjoy an additional 10% discount. If you are interested in attending, please drop me a digital line or see your ICT Facilitator when you get back in January.

Until January Cyberfaithful, travel well, stay safe, and all the best this holiday season.

Pray for surf!