Martin’s key strengths and vision have always focused on change management, particularly on how to prepare our students for the 21st century, what education change we need to make with the rapid advancement of technology, and how we can navigate change while we balance creativity and leadership to ensure a framework for students to be life long learners. Prior to joining HKIS, Martin served as Director of Digital Learning at the Sinarmas and Jakarta World Academies from July 2010 to June 2012. And he spent sixteen years before that serving as the Director of Information Technology at the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). He received two Masters Degrees in 1992 at the University of Hawaii, the first in Asian Studies Chinese and a second in Library and Information Studies, Alternative Library Futures. In addition to being the Director of Information Technology at the WAB, Martin also held the roles of school librarian and computer teacher. Martin and his wife have one son, Alex, who is enrolled in the Upper Primary School in Grade 5. While HKIS employs him, it would be China that engages him. With one of the school’s Student Learning Results being Chinese Culture, it allows for both parties to compliment each other to provide Martin a unique position to use his language and knowledge of China to facilitate learning.


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