Liking – a photo

Who led the Million Dollar Quartet? My guess, Carl Perkins. Odd isn’t it?

I like this photo! I liked it enough to take the time to print it, trim the margins, and then put it up on my wall. No, I do not mean my Facebook wall. I mean a physical wall in a building that I see pretty regularly.

Few people will see the photo. The foot traffic around it will be limited to about ten colleagues. I did not put it up for them. I put it up for me.

It inspires me! The four were all so young. Each one would rise to prominence. They must have learned so much on their journeys. What can I learn from theirs?

Media continually surrounds us. Yes, I know you can star or favorite things for later. Yet, who has the time? Many friends and colleagues decorate their desktop wallpaper or picture with their favorite digital image. Very 21st Century hip, yet I go entire days without seeing my desktop.

My point, liking things is not enough. You must do something to make something happen. If you push the same bits around each day and attend the same meetings, nothing will ever change. When nothing changes, how do you learn? So go on, shake things up. Break a habit. Get something done. Just don’t point click, and like!


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