IT Disengaged – retaking the weekend

Fun is good! I love catching up on my email, spending mindless hours surfing the web, and commenting on numerous blog. Yet this weekend, I fought against them all. Sure, they crept in and stole a few minutes here and there, but with focus and effort, fun won the battle for the weekend.

I read! Downloads were amazingly fast. Pages without graphics, imagination and creativity caught me up. We played fashion runway, imagination edition. Magazines images were ripe for commentary. What was Ralph thinking on that outfit? You could so pull that look off? Are you kidding me, are those back in? The forces of weekend stealing were in full retreat.

We trashed the kitchen! Alex and I explored some culinary dark arts. He learned the subtleties of pastry crusts while getting to lick the bowls. We discovered vanilla tastes horrible. We made mistakes. That’s icing sugar, not tapioca starch. Fumble! We taught Suki (our sous chef) how to make Menton lemon tart. Fingers crossed on the tart front! And we told legendary stories of Spoonsei (grandma), the fastest spoon in the kitchen. She hits hard with spoons when you lolly gag.

The nefarious IT forces relentlessly tested our resolve. We countered with Krispy Kremes, Puss in Boots, Fatburgers, a road trip, and swimming till our skin shriveled up. I napped, twice, and BBQed, once. And we watched way too much TV.

Yes, on Monday I’ll be scrambling to get ahead. Ahead? I’d settle for even. In the battle for the week, I stand no chance against the regular IT forays. There are always emergencies. Fires always need to be put out. Someone in charge always misses something fundmental, usually do to multi tasking. Or a teacher just needs a little coaching. Yes, it is chaos to some, yet it is my chaos.

Join me and take back your weekend! Give no ground and provide no quarter to those IT incursions that tempt, taunt, and pull at you. The job will always be there on Monday! Tweets need not be perfect. Bloggers do not wait around pining for your comments. Well, most don’t. When a deep thought hits, note them down. Good things take time. Going slow is a privilege that a lot of us do not get to enjoy these days. We are easily sidetracked by the IT quicksand.

Note – the kitchen suffered no permanent damage.


2 thoughts on “IT Disengaged – retaking the weekend

  1. Great post. Always need the reminders. It is funny though, how much people think that IT folks are constantly connected. Even with my phone, I try to stay pretty IT free on the weekends. Spending time with kids, playing, living life.

    Your post made me think that maybe i need to stay IT free into Sat night when my kids sleep. Maybe play some guitar or god forbid start to paint again. it is all about balance and that is what people on either side seem to forget.

  2. I think we need a 30-day NOIT Challenge! Okay, maybe that would be completely unrealistic. How about a 30 hour NOIT (no IT) Challenge? The best part about this challenge is that it doesn’t involve cooking. :)) amy

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